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Assaulting Police

Armed protesters confront armored SWAT vehicle after ...

Protesters in Wisconsin assault police with rifles Click Here for Details

Cutting Them Off

POTUS threatens economic ties with China Click Here for Story

Fiat Chrysler Recall

132,000 vehicles get recall Click Here for Details

Should A Past Crime Bar Someone From Becoming A Roofer?

Michigan gets poor grades on licensing laws that keep reformed criminals unemployed Read more

Teacher compares police to Nazis and KKK in school lesson? Click Here for Story

Judge: ‘Governor Can Order Anything, Forever, A Truly Striking Concept In A Democratic Republic’

Appeals court judge dissents

Public Education or Public Propaganda?

Texas teacher underfire for comparing police to slaveholders and KKK Click Here for Story

Tik Tok Sues

TikTok to sue Trump administration over executive order

Will announce suit against the Federal government over ban Click Here for Details

Not SO Fast !

Woman found breathing at funeral home after being pronounced dead Click Here for Story

Getting Out

KellyAnne Conway leaving administration to focus on family Click Here for Details

Violence Continues

Portland goes into 88th night of rioting Click Here for Story

Wrong Direction for America

Joe Biden and the Democrats wants to undo America’s energy independence Click Here for Details

Same Old Plagiarist Joe

The Biden Coronavirus plan is eerily similar…to the Trump plan Click Here for Details

Democrats and Pedohile Protection?

Why is it Democrats always want to protect criminals Click Here for Story

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