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Progress on Vaccine Trials

Moderna takes big leap into next phase of Covid vaccine trials Click Here for Details

Truly Ignorant or Playing Ignorant?

Rep Nadler calls Portland riots and violence a myth Click Here for Details

Even With Labor Law, Union Rep Can Be Disciplined For Abusive Conduct

Union members not shielded when their conduct suggests violation of anti-discrimination laws

Outrageous Reparations

This rapper believes every African American should get $1 million dollars? Click Here for Story

The Violence is Real

AP finally covers the mass violence going on in Portland Click Here for Details

In Case You Were Wondering: New Executive Order Modifies Color Of Youth ‘Work Permits’

No detail too small for government-by-executive-order

Collins the RINO

Susan Collins won’t support POTUIS’s latest nominee Click Here for Details

Gov. Whitmer Repeals Rule She Says Helped Michigan Fight Coronavirus

Less strict medical scope-of-practice rules should remain

Silencing the Majority

Protestors carry placards during a demonstration called by the Rhodes Must Fall campaign calling for the removal of the statue of British imperialist Cecil John Rhodes outside Oriel College, at the University of Oxford on June 9, 2020. - Following the toppling of slave trader Edward Colston during a Black …

Radical leftists are effectively silencing the majority of American’s free speech and ideas Click Here for Details

Idiocy of Democrats

Democrats Mayor says the Federal government should not protect Federal public property from violence and terrorism Click Here for Story

No Protection for Businesses Says Pelosi

Democrat Speaker Pelosi doesn’t believe businesses should have protection from lawsuits over Corona Click Here for Details

The Destruction Agenda

BLM and other radicals are trying to destroy America its not about justice Click Here for Story

Yates to Testify?

Sally Yates Will Testify in Probe of Russia Investigation

Senate Judiciary to hear from Sally Yates over phony Russian collusion charges Click Here for Story

Race Baiting as A Strategy

Are the Democrats fooling American voters? Click Here for Details

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