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No Durham Report Before Election

Report: Barr Saying Durham’s Russia Report Won’t Be Ready Before Election

Justice delayed once again Click Here for Story

Back At It

POTUS to be cleared to get back on campaign trail on Saturday ? Click Here for Story

Nicest Place in America?

Small town in Michigan gets the nod Click Here for Details

Michigan College Professors’ Political Contributions Resemble One-Party System

Read more

Debate Moderator Scully Was Hacked ?

CPD seems to be covering up collusion between next debate moderator Steve Scully and anti-Trumper Anthony Scaramucci Click Here for Story

BLM Phonies ?

African American confronts BLM protesters blocking the road Click Here for Story

State Health Department Director Hikes Max Coronavirus Fines By Five Times

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Stealing Control of America

Pelosi tries another power grab Click Here for Details

Trump Helping Seniors

Unveils plan to help seniors affected by Covid Click Here for Story

Why Isn’t the GOP Spending?

Its not just Presidential race in Senate races the GOP is being outspent again Click Here for Details

BLM Attacking Neighborhoods

And homeowners aren’t happy? Click Here for Story

Why No Charges ?

Declassification is showing the proof of Democrat seditious intent but still no charges or indictments? Click Here for Details

The Disgrace of Biden

Vote for me then I’ll tell you where I stand? Click Here for Details

Jihad Joe

Joe Biden supports Muslim Jihad? Click Here for Story

IRS Was Covering Up for Clintons

Massive judgement that could hurt the Clintons Click Here for Story

Election Integrity

How much fraud can we expect? Click Here for Details

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