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Antifa IS a Terrorist Group

Security footage shows Reinoehl in an alcove of the parking garage while Danielson and a friend walk by, police said. 

Portland victim was targeted by Antifa Terrorist Click Here for Story

Facebook Idiocy

Facebook censors Patriot Prayer page after Antifa murders a Patriot Prayer member Click Here for Story

Trump Economy

Post Covid economy is helping Trump Click Here for StoryTYying Their Hands

Tying Their Hands

Judge is helping violent protesters instead of Detroit Police Click Here for Details

Could Be More Lockdown Fallout: Opioid Overdoses Up 22%

I’ve seen far too many people die’ of overdoses, says state’s chief doctor

Fake Journalist

Fox news reporter Jennifer Griffin doubles down on already debunked report Click Here for Story

Whitmer’s Back-and-Forth on Football Raises Questions On The ‘Science’ She Cites

Read more

Destructo Derby?

NFAC still plans to come to Louisville for 2020 Kentucky Derby

Militias at the Kentucky Derby? Click Here for Details

Biden the Blamer

A politician in Washington for 47 years yet Joe Biden wants to blame Trump whose been there for 3? Click Here for Story

Trump Stops Federal Indoctrination

No more critical race theory trainings at Fed agencies Click Here for Story

What A Biden Win Means

Your lifestyle is at stake in the 2020 election Click Here for Details

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