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The Re-Opening

This is how the plan should work Click Here for Details

Another Drug Seems to Fight Covid-19

Trial information leaked shows promise Click Here for Details

Avoid Drinking?

WHO says drinking alcohol only helps Coronavirus Click Here for Story

Bills Introduced To Limit Governor’s Emergency Lockdown Powers

Two laws authorize this power; one has no limit on how long governor can keep it

Facebook Working for China?

Censorship to help China is a disgrace Click Here for Story

Lansing Protest: ‘I Think We Are Making History’

Signs: ‘I want to work’; ‘Reopen Michigan Now’; ‘Let MI people mow!’

Democrats Hurting America’s Small Business

Refusing to add money immediately to the Small Business Stimulus bill Click Here for Details

Is Erecting Wind Turbines ‘Essential’ During Epidemic Lockdown?

Union suggests company at work now with out-of-state workers

Vegas Odds Say Its Harris

The bets are going in favor of Kamala Harris for Biden’s VP Click Here for Story

Inflating the Numbers?

Medical personnel from Riverside (CA) University Health Systems hospitals administer a Coronavirus Test to an individual during drive-through testing in the parking lot of Diamond Stadium, March 22, 2020 in Lake Elsinore, California. Two days ago, California Governor Gavin Newsom directed all Californians to stay at home and maintain safe distances from each other amid Coronavirus worldwide outbreak, (Photo by Bob Riha, Jr./Getty Images) CDC is including “probable” Covid -19 deaths in their fatality totals Click Here for Details

More Impeachment Non-Sense

Democrats want to impeach POTUS for withholding funding from the corrupt WHO Click Here for Details



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