Friday April 22, 2016

Mountains Out of Molehills?

Washtenaw County Commission to take stand against religious freedom laws in NC Click Here for Details

Why Some Teachers Prefer a 401(k) Over a Pension

About 18,000 school employees have chosen the 401(k) instead of the pension system. Some had concerns about future pension cuts while others wanted more control over retirement funds. … more

Paying for Influence?

Hillary Clinton, Jim Greenwood Firms that paid for Hillary speeches also looked for State Dept influence? Click Here for Details

Detroit Mayor Says His Commission Will Be Independent While His City Discriminates

The Detroit Education Commission has long been pushed by labor unions and school administrators who dislike competition from outside charter schools. … more

Bow I Said

Obama tries to downplay snub by the Saudis Click Here for Details

Open Border?

Largest US Mexican illegal tunnel found Click Here for Story

China Nukes

Image result for china largest missile  China tests new longest range Nuke missile  Click Here for Details

Prince Found Dead

Image result for prince  Music Pop star found dead at home Click Here for Story

Is the UK Already Gone?

  File travel warnings about bathroom laws in North Carolina and Mississippi Click Here for Details

Stop Worrying

People shouldn’t be so worried about Trump as President, we’ve survived Obama haven’t we? Click Here for Details

Yea Not So Good

Major Fail: US Military drill drops humvees from sky Click Here for Story and Video

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