Friday April 26, 2013

Green Oak Works With Brewer

Liquid Manufacturing gets township help with violations Click Here for Story

Despite Repeal Attempts, Michigan State Law Mandates Unlicensed Dogs Be Killed

Antiquated statute still on the books

By Jarrett Skorup | Courtesy of Michigan Capitol Confidential

Pet-loving citizens take note: Don’t be late when renewing a dog license or forget to register that new puppy with the county. Not licensing your dog in Michigan means the local sheriff is required by law to have it killed. … more

‘Nicky’s Family’: The Inspiring Story of Sir Nicholas Winton

By Kendra L. Shrode | Courtesy of Michigan Capitol Confidential

“Nicky’s Family” is a story of triumph. Triumph over tyrants. Triumph of freedom which means everything to many of us. The children saved and their descendants now number more than 5,700. These people, down to the young grandchildren, have been contributors to our society and have done amazing things. Many feel the need to emulate Sir Nicholas Winton in doing good works wherever they are needed. … more

What We Learn From China?

Crony capitalism being taught by Dems from Chinese mentors? Click Here for Details

Who Is Protecting the Boston Bomber?

Even FBI suprised by Judge mirandizing the bomber Click Here for Story

GOP:  Intel System Broken

Too many mistakes still being made Click Here for Story

Mass. Governor Protects Bomber Too



Won’t let State of Massachussetts release records of bombers getting state funds Click Here for Details


20% On Food Stamps

1 out of five families now on food assistance Click Here for Details

Ignoring Facts?

Is the White House ignoring Syrian use of Chemical Weapons? Click Here for Story

Free Phones for Bombers?

Did taxpayers pay for the Boston BOmbers phones too? Click Here for Details


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