Friday August 24, 2018

Yes, Please Do

POTUS says he may have to force DOJ to turn over documents to Congress Click Here for Story

Union Official Criticizes Corporate Handouts But Endorses Business Subsidy Champion

Former GM employee and UAW official has favored giveaways to ‘corporate special interests’

Lanny’s Slip Up

In talking about Cohen, Lawyer Lanny Davis calls Steel Dossier that started Russian Collusion investigation phony Click Here for Details and Video

Sessions Being Weakened?

Inaction by AG is causing even the Senate GOP leaders to doubt him Click Here for Story

Democrats Out of Touch

Elizabeth Warren gets slammed for her tone deaf response to Mollie Tibbetts murderDemocrat leaders ignoring the murder of American citizen by illegal alien Click Here for Story

Private Sector Expertise?

Secretary of State Pompeo brings Ford exec in to help with North Korea Click Here for Details

Ring of Fire Continues

IS the big one coming? Click Here for Details


Trump Economy

Target CEO says best economy he has seen Click Here for Story and Video

A Set Up?

Translator at Trump Tower meeting worked for Obama, Hillary and Kerry Click Here for Details


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