Friday August 3, 2018

Happy Birthday Dona!

Pathetic Case

Mueller relying on questionable witnesses in Manafort Tax evasion trial Click Here for Story

Tiniest Computer?

U of M reaches new heights in minimizing size of computer Click Here for Details

POTUS Thanks North Korea

 Remains of US servicemen from Korean war begin to come home Click Here for Story

Foreclosing Over-Taxed Property Helped Wayne County Dodge State Receivership

Profits from auctioning tax-delinquent owners’ homes shored up county budget in 2015-16

The Media Thinks People Are Stupid

Even farmers temporarily hurt by tariffs support what POTUS is doing Click Here for Details

Fire Rosenstein

Deputy AG  has still not turned over documents Click Here for Story

On The Rise

Illustration on the Hispanic impact on President Trump's approval numbers by Linas Garsys/The WAshington TimesPolling looking better for Trump and GOP Click Here for Details

The Big T

Apple hits worth of $1 Trillion? Click Here for Story

Good for African Americans

  POTUS may be the best President for African Americans in our lifetime Click Here for Details

Wacko Democrats

Abolish NY Dem candidate for Attorney General wants to prosecute ICE and support illegals?!? Click Here for Story




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