Friday December 19, 2014

U-M Department Chair: ‘It’s Okay to Hate Republicans’

By Tom Gantert | Courtesy of Mich Cap Con

Professor Susan J. Douglas, who is chair of the Communications Studies program, opened her article with the line, “I hate Republicans.” … more

U of M Tries for Distance

   University makes milk toast statement to distance itself from it’s own uber liberal GOP hating professor Click Here for Story

New Road Deal?

Has Michigan finally found a road fix solution? Click Here for Details

Why Surprised?

White House and nation should not be surprised that Sony caved to the North Korean hackmail scheme with a spineless President like Obama Click Here for Story

Why Radical Islam Needs to Be Stopped

Damages inside the Army Public School attacked last Tuesday by Taliban gunmen, in Peshawar, Pakistan, Thursday, Dec. 18, 2014. The Taliban massacre that killed more than 140 people, mostly children, at a military-run school in northwestern Pakistan left a scene of heart-wrenching devastation, pools of blood and young lives snuffed out as the nation mourned and mass funerals for the victims got underway. (AP Photo/Muhammed Muheisen)    Pakistan school children killer’s profound words Click Here for Details

Rand Paul Ok with Cuba Deal?

Paul breaks with GOP on Cuba   Embargo has been ineffective according to GOP Senator Click Here for Story

Single Payer Fail

Vermont’s single payer medical system not working Click Here for Details

IRS Revenge?

    IRS threatening shutdowns due to cutbacks but are they just getting revenge on taxpayers for complaining? Click Here for Story

US Unprepared for Cyber War?

Sony hack is the first battle in cyber space and the US loses? Click Here for Details

Kerry Blindly Follows Orders?

Obama-Kerry   State Dept To Release Cuba from State Sponsor of Terrorism List? Click Here for Story

Persuader or Snake Oil Salesman?

Jeb-Bush-hand-out  Jeb Bush says he can sell Amnesty to conservatives Click Here for Details

Hollywood Cowards

Image credit: Steve Jennings/GettySony’s surrender is a disgrace to Hollywood and the country says Rob Lowe  Click Here for Story

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