Friday December 25, 2015

Merry Christmas Everyone!

Enjoy time with family and friends 

Full Moon for Christmas!

Celestial rarity Click Here for Story

Will Warm Winter Continue?

Snowboarder Above average temperature douses normal winter fun Click Here for Details

Global Warmist Media Thought Police

How many times have we seen this? The TV news interviewer asks a politician to explain why he doesn’t accept man-made global warming as a proven scientific fact. A patronizing incredulity — betraying the attitude that only fools could doubt there’s a climate crisis — saturates the interviewer’s tone. … more

Why Do These Top-Ranked Schools Have Zero Top-Ranked Teachers?

Central Academy, a charter school in Ann Arbor, was rated by The Center for Michigan’s Bridge magazine as the top school in the state. Ashley Community Schools, a district some 40 miles north of Lansing, placed fourth. Yet, in 2014-15, neither Central Academy nor Ashley Community schools rated any of their teachers as “highly effective,” the highest rating available to teachers. … more

Another Obama Dump!

Feds dump Benghazi emails on Christmas eve to shield them from public? Click Here for Story

Is Black Lives Matter Endangering Society at Large?

Image source: KARE-TV  Mall protest was a decoy for trying to shut down an airport Click Here for Details

George Will…Out of Touch Establishment Hack

Image result for george will   Political pundit thinks Trump will destroy the GOP but obviously doesn’t see how the GOP has changed in the last decades Click Here for Story

Barack’s Terror Carousel

Oct. 18, 2012: Towers overlooking a U.S. detention facility at Guantanamo Bay U.S. Naval Base, Cuba. (AP Photo)Gitmo releasees returning to their Jihadi ways Click Here for Details

Not That Warm

CW9XUXwWsAAmdsA 1955 had a warmer Christmas than this year Click Here for Story

And Another Country Bans Christmas

Now Somalia bans Christmas and why do we have a problem banning Muslims? Click Here for Story

A Merry Christmas…Iran Frees Pastor

Jailed Christian Pastor released on Christmas Eve by Iran Click Here for Story

Pointing Out the Truth Makes People Upset

although-the-donald-may-be-the-jets-current-owner-he-wasnt-its-firstSay what you want but Trump has pointed out the uncomfortable truths facing America Click Here for Details

White House Backing Iranian Cheats

Iranian Foreign Minister Zarif waits to make a statement next to U.S. Secretary of State Kerry following nuclear talks in LausanneThe Iran deal has the Obama Admin skirting counter terror laws Click Here for Story

Watch Where You Worship?

Was Muslim family denied flight to Disneyland due to attending a hate mosque? Click Here for Details

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