Friday February 15, 2019

Deep State Admission

McCabe making ugly statements Click Here for Story

Cheap Lakefront in Michigan?

Not really but its a matter of perspective Click Here for Details

Court: OK For Wayne County To Seize Man’s Car For 3 Years

Legislators considering changes to state asset forfeiture law

Rude Menendez

Senator threatens journalist over Green Deal question Click Here for Story and Video

Green Deal Vote?

Is Senate going to vote on New Green Deal? Click Here for Story

California Leaving

New poll says a majority of California residents would like to leave Click Here for Story

Liberal Shirkers

Amazon won’t pay any Federal tax for 2nd year in a row Click Here for Story

Goose and Gander

Ocasio-Cortez won’t say whether Speaker Pelosi should reveal taxes like the Democrats are asking of POTUS Click Here for Details

Hmmm Good Fact Check

Obama not Trump installed golf simulator in the White House Click Here for Details


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