Friday February 7, 2020 TheDailyDrift.Com

POTUS Comments on Acquittal

After Dem scampeachment ends what does the President have to say ? Click Here for Story

Greater Control

AG Barr wants full authorized sign off on campaign investigations Click Here for Details

Wayne County Took Thousands of Vehicles Without Filing Criminal Charges

Federal lawsuit filed against ‘unconstitutional’ civil asset forfeitures

More Winning!

90% of Americans Satisfied with Personal life? Click Here for Details

Iowa Tie?

Sanders and Buttigieg tied in Iowa Caucus race Click Here for Story

Unions Praise Governor’s Modest School Funding Hike, Rebuked GOP Predecessor’s Much Larger One

5.1% GOP increase got union ‘tsk tsks,’ a 2.3% Dem hike applauded

From the Science Side…

 Connecting the Human brain to a computer Click Here for Story

Doctor Dies of Corona Virus

The Chinese Doctor who warned of the Novel virus succumbs to the virus Click Here for Details

Romney’s Disgrace

Religion doesn’t explain Romney’s decision making Click Here for Story

Thanks Joe…

Al Qaeda refugee gets on the dole? Click Here for Details

More Winning

China working on trade deal to US Click Here for Story

Worst Case Scenario

A new Coronavirus tracker app, with data on infections, deaths, and survivalAI data model has bad prediction concerning the Novel virus Click Here for Details

Nancy’s Temper Tantrum

Speaker Pelosi should pay the price for her SOTU behavior Click Here for Story

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