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Say the Damn Name

Image result for rand paul Rand Paul bristles at whistle blower Eric Ciaramella’s name not being stated Click Here for Details

No 6th Amendment?

Image result for justice roberts Chief Justice Robert’s denies POTUS 6th Amendment rights? Click Here for Story

Electric Hummer

Yes GM is bringing iconic SUV back Click Here for Story

Auditors Discover Oversight Failure At Detroit Fire Department

More than 200 former employees had department fuel cards

Bernie the Dictator

Image result for bernie hitler See how Socialist Bernie will bypass Congress to control America Click Here for Story

RINO Romney

Global elitist Mitt Romeny is pressuring the Senate Majority Leader Click Here for Details

Pee Wee’s Comeback?

Can comedian Paul Reubens make a comeback years after scandal? Click Here for Story

Flight Ban from China?

cnsnews Attachments2:45 AM (2 hours ago) to Susan, djoneses CAPTIONS: Health personnel in biological hazard suits wait for Americans evacuated from Wuhan, China to disembark, at March Air Reserve Base in California on Wednesday. (Photo by Matt Hartman/AFP via Getty Images)   US Senator calls for flight ban on flights from China because of virus Click Here for Details

Global Emergency?

World Health Organization declares China Virus a global emergency Click Here for Story

Bad News Bernie

The kind of guy who’ll say and do anything to get ahead Click Here for Story

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