Friday July 31, 2015

Tough Turkey

Police looking for aggressive wild turkey on campus Click Here for Story

State Supreme Court Ruling: ‘State Employees are Subject to Right-to-Work’

Public sector workers may freely exercise right-to-work under a 4-3 ruling passed down July 29 by the Michigan Supreme Court.  … more

Teachers Making Over $80,000 Say They Need Second Jobs ‘To Make Ends Meet’

One public school teacher who gets paid $87,349 annually, and another who gets $80,472, were highlighted in a recent Oakland Press article complaining that teachers had to get second jobs “to make ends meet.” … more

That’s Pelosi Stupid

Image result for pelosi looking stupid  Congresswoman Pelosi says Iran Nuke Deal is a masterpiece of diplomacy? Click Here for Details

Call It What It Is

Image: Romney Attacks Cruz for Iran Statements; Cruz Fires Back Romney too soft on Obama’s Iran Deal and Cruz says so Click Here for Details

Question Dodger

Image result for hillary liar  Clinton’s avoidance of questions irks even Democrats Click Here for Story

Obama Loves Abortions

Image result for obama and planned parenthood  Fund raised for Planned Parenthood and won’t defund them Click Here for Details

Docs Joke While Doing Abortions?

More Horrors from Planned Parenthood Click Here for Story

Planned Parenthood Uses Courts to Cover Up Baby Parts Sales

Screen capture from the third video released by the Center for Medical Progress, showing Planned Parenthood's involvement in the selling of fetal tissue.  Disgraceful use of court system to cover up their heinous trade in human parts Click Here for Details and Video

Bad Education Curriculum Gets Reversed

DakotaRidge High seniors Caitlin Bishop, left, and Crystal Butler, hold up their sign  during their walk out September 25, 2014 to protest proposed AP History change. (Image source: John Leyba/The Denver Post via Getty Images)  AP history class gutted American History but now tradition and truth has won a victory Click Here for Story

Establishment Break?

Image: Watch Rick Perry Struggle to Say Something Good About Boehner, McConnell  Even Rick Perry can’t say good things about McConnell and Boehner Click Here for Details and Video



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