Friday March 13, 2020 TheDailyDrift.Com

VETO the FISA Renewal?

Bill seems to protect politicians over regular citizens? Click Here for Story

Latest Michigan Coronavirus News

Click Here for Details

Fake News Leads to Violence

Rumored shooting of young teen causes violence but the shooting never happened? Click Here for Story

House Passes On Chance To ‘Fix The Roads’ With New Spending Bill

But money for Capitol security cameras, Michigan Speedway traffic control, tourism marketing and much more

Iran Back in the Violence Business

Rockets attacks from Iranian proxy groups? Click Here for Details

Despite Collapse in Membership, SEIU Poised to Go All-In in Michigan 

$150 million campaign blunted by right-to-work law

Worst is Over in China?

A photo taken on March 3, 2020 shows a man with a mask cross an empty street in Beijing. Peak Corona Virus already passed in China ? Click Here for Details

Borders Are Needed

POTUS closes travel from Europe because they haven’t taken precautions  Click Here for Story

Rep Omar’s Dirty Little Secret

Congresswoman who married her brother now married to her campaign worker? Click Here for Details

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