Friday March 22, 2019 TheDailyDrift.Com

Clinton Collusion

Not Russia but Ukraine for foreign interference in 2016 election Click Here for Details

Is Impeachment Talk Waning?

Democrats seem less inclined to try for impeachment Click Here for Story

Fuel Tax Funds Will Be Diverted 

Not all revenue raised by the new tax will be prioritized to roads

‘You’ve Paid Your Debt To Society — Now Pay $10,000’

State of Michigan charges offenders up to $135 per month for probation and parole

Beto Baby Killer?

Candidate Beto wouldn’t provide help for babies born after botched abortion Click Here for Story

What Have we Raised

Disgraceful behavior of college students towards visiting border agents Click Here for Details and Video

Facebook Sucks Again

'Hundreds of millions' of user passwords exposed within FacebookMore passwords exposed yet again Click Here for Story

Mueller Let Down

Mueller report will not meet liberal expectations? Click Here for Story

These Are Democrats

More odd stories about Democrat Presidential contenders Click Here for Details

Forget the Far Right

IslamistMuslim extremism IS the real problem Click Here for Story

Google Helping China?

US Military not happy with Google working with Chinese government Click Here for Details

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