Friday March 24, 2017

Keystone Approval?

TransCanada officials say they expect approval as the permit deadline approaches. (AP Photo/Nati Harnik) Long awaited project could get the green light as soon as next week Click Here for Details

Another Wasteful Transportation Boondoggle

How much would the feel good program of Livingston-Washtenaw commuter rail cost taxpayers? Click Here for Story

Governor’s Commission Rejects Voters’ Judgment On More Windmills

  Voters soundly rejected a mandate for 25 percent renewable energy in the state. Yet, bureaucrats push for even higher standards. … more

Justice Clarence Thomas Takes a Broadside at Civil Forfeiture

  The U.S. Supreme Court decided not to hear a case on whether government should be able to receive forfeited property without a criminal conviction. But that hasn’t stopped Justice Clarence Thomas from taking a big swipe at civil forfeiture laws across the nation. … more

UK’s Prime Minister Responds to Terror Attack

Theresa May responds to London attack: ‘We will never give in’Theresa May give speech after attack Click Here for Story

Obstructionist Chuck

Senator Schumer shows he and the Dems are simple political obstructionists Click Here for Details

MSM Agendists

Media barely covers real rape of 14 year old by illegals but spent tons of time on Fake UVA rape Click Here for Story and Video

Taking Ourselves to Slaughter

Bystanders stop to give people mouth to mouth after the driver mowed them down. Katie Hopkins says we are now a broken London  Allowing Islam to spread in Western countries is suicide Click Here for Details

Population Shift

  Rust belt still losing population Click Here for Story

Adam Schiff: Liar Extraordinaire?

 Big holes in Democrat story on Trump Russia connection Click Here for Details

Don’t Blame Trump…

19yo US-Israeli citizen arrested for wave of bomb threats against Jewish centers19 Year old US Israeli citizen arrested for bomb threats against Jewish centers Click Here for Story


White HouseObama loyalists are trying to sabotage the Trump Admin Click Here for Story

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