Friday March 29, 2013

Good Friday

Chinese Rename Failed A123 Battery Maker

A little humor for a bad situation? Click Here for Details

Will the Royal Line Continue?

Debbie Dingell wife of forever Congressman Dingell may run for Senate Click Here for Story

County’s Rush to Approve New Union Contracts Could Prove Futile

Washtenaw County approved contracts with 15 unions but did not do actuarial analyses

By Tom Gantert | Courtesyof Mchigan Capitol Confidential

A state law states that when a pension is changed, an actuarial analysis needs to be provided at least seven days before the plan is adopted.  … more

Teachers’ Union Wants Lawsuit Moved Out of Court

Lawyer for Taylor union and district administration want state agency to decide contract extension legitimacy issue

By Jack Spencer | Courtesy of Michigan Capitol Confidential

Bureaucrats are a better bet than the courts. That appears to be the strategy behind the union’s legal defense of the Taylor School District’s right-to-work dodging contract. … more

 How Raising Taxes Will Not Balance the Budget: More Evidence

Play video below


Commentary: A Milestone for Michigan — Worker Freedom in the ‘Big Labor’ State

Unions now will have to be accountable to workers to justify the payment of dues

By F. Vincent Vernuccio | Courtesy of Michigan Capitol Confidential

March 28, 2013 is a day that will be marked in Michigan history. Worker freedom officially takes effect today. … more

Pass the Shame?

Obama tries to pass the shame on to Gun Rights activists for Newtown Shooting even though his administration hasn’t enforced existing gun laws Click Here for Story

Play Video below

Where is Your State on the Freedom List?

The states where you are most and least free by ranks Click Here for Details

On the Wrong Side?

US asks for vote on UN Gun Treaty while North Korea, Syria and Iran objected; what do they know that we don’t? Click Here for Story

We Paid to Free Iraq…

But guess who benefits from the oil? Click Here for Details

Child Dictator Shows His Angst? And Immaturity

North Korean dictator targets US with his rockets? Click Here for Story

Assault Ban May Fail but That Won’t Stop Obama

He’s using executive actions to furtheer his anti-gun agenda Click Here for Details

Is Cyprus the Lead Domino?

Is Slovenia next for taking people’s money? Click Here for Story

Obama’s False Arguments in Gun Control

Obama falsely says 40% of new guns don’t face background check? Click Here for Video

Making Sequestration Painful

Feds still growing and hiring yet cutting revenue sharing to the states Click Here for Details

China’s Largest Solar Manufacturer Goes Bankrupt

And Obama wanted to emulate them Click Here for Story



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