Friday May 26, 2017


AG Sessions will take Travel Ban hold to the Supreme Court Click Here for Story

Why The Seth Rich “Investigation” Should Terrify Everyone


Ann Arbor: Sanctuary City

ICE arrests 3 illegal restaurant workers Click Here for Details

State Retirement Managers Develop Convenient, Hypocritical, Excuse

  Michigan lawmakers might offer new school employees defined-contribution, 401(k)-style retirement benefits instead of defined-benefit pensions. … more

Socialists are Weaklings?

Study: Physically weak men more likely to be socialist, strong men more likely to be capitalistStudy shows Beta males are on average more socialist and liberal? Click Here for Details

Investigate the Leaks

Trump orders investigation after Manchester leaksTrump orders investigation of administration leaks Click Here for Story

This IS What’s Wrong with Universities

Woman with mouth taped shut (Shutterstock/Marcos Mesa Sam Wordley)Students arrested for distributing copies of the US Constitution Click Here for Details

What Will Happen in Montana?

Will assault charges upset the front runner? Click Here for Story and results 

Billionaire Zuckerberg Wants Socialism

Calls for universal money for everyone? Click Here for Details and Video

Trump Calls Out Europe

  US taxpayers aren’t being treated fairly when NATO members don’t pay their fair share Click Here for Story

Judges That Need to Be Removed

Latest judgment shows that courts are out of control Click Here for Details

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