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Flynn WINS!

Ken Jones on Twitter: "Sally Yates knew General Flynn was not ...   DOJ drops charges against General Flynn as evidence of FBI/DOJ wrongdoing mounts Click Here for Story

Release the Transcripts

House Intelligence Committee Chairman Representative Adam Schiff (D-MA) pauses while speaking during a press conference on Capitol Hill on September 25, 2019, in Washington, DC. - US Democrats' explosive launch of an official impeachment inquiry of Donald Trump has set off a massive political battle, raising multiple questions about the … Director of National Intelligence tells Rep Adam Schiff to release the transcripts he has been hiding Click Here for Story

Easing in Texas

Governor eases lock down restrictions on Texas Click Here for Details

People Collecting Unemployment In State Tops 1 Million

Media Pumping Fake News

The left and media wrongly paint Michigan man as white supremacist Click Here for Story

Media Watchdog Says Michigan Clinic Staged The Crowding at Virus Test Drive-Through

Conservative site says officials wanted it to look busy for the CBS cameras

Evidence Building Outside is Better

More proof that lock down is not helping Covid Crisis Click Here for Story

Killing Michigan

Gretchen Whitmer takes on Trump as coronavirus cases rise in ... Governor Whitmer extends Michigan’s lock down until May 28 th in her attempt to destroy Michigan’s economy Click Here for Story

Yep Covid Can Be Transmitted Another Way

Test shows Covid can be transmitted sexually? Click Here for Details

Mueller Investigation was Illegitimate

Former Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein specified the "scope" of Robert Mueller's investigation in August 2017. (Photo by SAUL LOEB/AFP via Getty Images) New memo shows the investigation was drummed up? Click Here for Story

Worse Than the Disease…

Lock Down and Failing Economy might kill more people than Corona Virus Click Here for Details

Half Clean?

Half of US counties have no Coivd deaths Click Here for Details

Changing History

1619 Project is trying to destroy US history Click Here for Story

The Democrat Sex Cult

Democrats seem to encourage a culture of not supporting women Click Here for Details



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