Friday November 1, 2013

Dia de la Muerte

Combining Police Forces?

Pinckney and Putnam look at joint venture Click Here for Details

A New Low for Obama (Among Many)

  Obama approval rating that is Click Here for Story

The New Poster Boy for Stupidity

  Dem Congressman Frank Pallone shows the most extreme of ignorance Click Here for Video and Story  ( a must see)

This Is What Some of Our Schools Are Teaching?

   Not so subtle brainwashing in the lessons Click Here for Details

Scandal! Obama Admin Bullying Insurance Companies

Threatening them if they talk out against Obamacare and its problems Click Here for Story and Video

Obama’s First Less than a $Trillion Budget Deficit

  Don’t thank him, thaks the Sequester Click Here for Story

How the Chinese Teach Kindergarten

The goals of China are pretty obvious Click Here for Details

No Hiding the Knowing of Spying

  Top Obama officials knew Click Here for Story

The Biggest Loudest Lie Yet

   How many times did Obama promise the American people they could keep their health insurance plans? Click Here for Video and Story

The Plan? Wipe Out Private Insurance

3 states have lost huge numbers of policies Click Here for Details

Syrian Disarmament Moving Along

   Production facilities for Chemical weapons destroyed Click Here for Story

More Bullying from the Obama Admin

    Feds may prosecute paraody of Homeland Security coffee mugs? Click Here for Stupidity

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