Friday October 5, 2018

Democrat Reactions to FBI Report

Reactions of Democrats seem to show FBI report backs Kavanaugh Click Here for Details

Advocates Of Green-Themed Spending Program Say It Boosts Economy

‘But studying butterflies and dragonflies … has no direct impact on property values,’ says critic

Latest Criticism of Charter Schools Ignores (Again) Key Data

  Comparisons dismiss the greater obstacles poor kids must overcome to do well in school

Even Media Discredits Accusers?

Ronan Farrow showing Ramirez claims look phony? Click Here for Details

Republican Lawmakers Have to Hire Security

Democrat supporters getting violent Click Here for Details

FBI Investigation was Thorough

Senator Collins still mum on decision Click Here for Story

POTUS Approval Rises

50% approve of Trump? Click Here for Details

Unfounded Allegation

 Why Ford is not Credible Click Here for Story



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