Friday September 13, 2019 TheDailyDrift.Com

Face Off

Biden, Warren and the Rest go off at the Debate Click Here for Story


Condoleeza Rice shuts down NBC newscaster on Russian collusion nonsense Click Here for Details

Teacher, Poet, Pizza Guy – At $82k Says Side Job Needed To Pay Bills

But also said his pay is ‘by no means terrible’ at the Ann Arbor school district

National Groups Push Music Therapist Licensing – Which Benefits Themselves

Michigan’s up next in considering music therapist bill

Stopping Activist Judges

Legislators look for bill to stop judges from enacting Nationwide rulings Click Here for Details

Go Ahead and Carry

Concealed carry holders to carry their guns Click Here for Details

They Got Nothing Else

Democrats keep pushing the dead Russian collusion hoax Click Here for Details

SCOTUS Win for Admin

High court backs the Trump Admin on new asylum rules Click Here for Story

Snake UFOs?

Whats up with the newest UFO craze? Click Here for Details

Oh No Lizzy!

Elizabeth Warren, Morning White DoveSenator Warren’s great great great grandfather was what? Click Here for Story

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