Friday September 14, 2018

Defense Bill Agreement

House and Senate agree on Defense bill spending Click Here for Story and Video

Detroiters Benefit From Snyder Licensure, Criminal Records Orders

Initial applications for state jobs and licenses won’t ask about criminal records

Detroit Charters Nab Top 10 Average Student Body SAT Scores

‘The scoreboard doesn’t lie’

Stop Being Soft

Number of family arrivals at US-Mexico border spiked in August after gov’t eased crackdown Illegals arriving at border increase after Feds ease up on crackdown Click Here for Details

Getting Lucky?

Is Hurricane Florence weakening? Click Here for Story

Exactly What We Needed

Trump is the most effective anti liberal in lifetime Click Here for Details

What Really Are Puerto Rico Death Numbers from Maria?

Is media and left inflating the numbers? Click Here for Story

Hmmm…. Corruption in Puerto Rico

Puerto Rican officials arrested for corruption  Click Here for Details


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