Monday April 22, 2019

Why So High?

Oil prices spiking again Click Here for Details


Iran’s Republican Guard finally gets labeled with Terrorist designation Click Here for Story

Collective Bargaining Does Not Equality Make

UAW claims of equal pay are unfounded

Heat on Romney

The ultimate RINO getting blowback from real conservatives Click Here for Story

Will Unions Get Fooled Again?

Democrats will try to court the union vote for 2020 Click Here for Details

FBI Arrests Leader of Civilian Border Protection Group

New Mexico governor calls them vigilantes Americans call them patriots? Click Here for Story

Christianity Attacked Again

Sri Lankan security personnel keep watch outside the church premises following a blast at the St. Anthony's Shrine in Kochchikade in Colombo on April 21, 2019. - At least 137 people were killed in Sri Lanka on April 21, police sources told AFP, when a string of blasts ripped through …Hundreds dead and wounded in Sri Lanka hotel and church attacks Click Here for Details

Democrats Should Pay for Mueller Probe

Millions spent and a country divided by Democrats should they pay the bill for the Russian Collusion hoax? Click Here for Details

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