Monday December 10, 2018

Crazy Maxine

Democrats have no plans just Trump Derangement Syndrome This is what you voted for America Click Here for Story

Licensure Reform A Lame Duck Launch Failure?

This one has bipartisan support, so failing to fly in 2018 not necessarily the end

Practical Short-Term Health Coverage Unlikely Unless Legislature Acts

Useful option made possible by recent federal rule change, but GOP hasn’t moved and Dems likely to oppose

Dershowitz Unleashes

Latest Mueller developments are un-newsworthy Click Here for Details

Dems Have Nothing?

Senator Rand Paul: Over-Criminalizing Campaign Finance? Click Here for Story and Video

Beijing Summons US Ambassador

Arrest of Huawei exec has China fuming Click Here for Story

Hold Strong for Wall

Senator Graham tells President we need the wall Click Here for Story

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