Monday December 2, 2019 The Daily Drift

Trail to Trial: Impeachment Will Hurt Most Dem Presidential Candidates?

Sitting in impeachment hearings takes Senators off campaign trail Click Here for Details


Hunter Biden wants his financial records kept secret?? Click Here for Story

The New Axis?

Iranian President Hassan RouhaniChina, Russian and Iran hold joint wargames to threaten the world? Click Here for Story

Latest Audit Finds Detroit Schools Budget Is Solid

District has 20% reserve, state average is 14.5%

The Ginsburg Factor

Health of Justice Ginsburg could factor in the 2020 Presidential election Click Here for Details

What Did Joe Just Say?


The Grand Tour host Jeremy Clarkson and climate activist Greta Thunberg. (Getty Images)¬† Car guy Jeremy Clarkson’s thoughts¬†on Greta Thuneberg Click Here for Story

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