Monday December 29, 2014


Whitmore Lake Man Arrested After Stand Off

Barricaded gun man gives himself up to police Click Here for Details

Your Money…Their Waste

Feds ignore suggestions to cut waste and improve efficiency Click Here for Story


  US offers $5 million reward for terrorist they released from Gitmo Click Here for Details

Maybe Rudy Should Run?

Former Mayor Rudy Guliani has guts Click Here for Details and Video

Feds Support Criminals?

NY Police say the feds care more for criminals than cops? Click Here for Story

What You Get with National Healthcare

UK Doctors told to report those who put on weight? Click Here for Details

Crazy Communist Pope

PopePope Francis tells UN to fight imaginary climate change to bring income re-distribution to the world Click Here for Story

Beware the Lone Wolf

  Al Qaeda asks followers for attacks and promises virgins Click Here for Details

Another Iraq in the Making?

afghanistan-reuters  Obama ends Afghanistan war while in the middle of unfinished business? Click Here for Details

ISIS Death Toll

Reuters/Stringer  6 month tally pretty enormous on innocents Click Here for Story

Fes Spent How Much on What?

Big money wasted Click Here for Details



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