Monday December 30, 2013

Fate of The Lions

  Final game of season is a loss but Coach Schwartz wants to come back Click Here for Video

Happy New Year: The Center Looks Back and Looks Forward

By Michael D. LaFaive | Courtesy of Mich Cap Con

Our hope is that, moving forward, the Administration remembers that it came to power on the strength of a movement to rein in rather than expand the State. The Snyder team, along with the Legislature, was certainly able to do so during its first two years — and that applause-worthy list of accomplishments is both dramatic and verifiable. Unfortunately, both groups have backslid on the sound policy front.  … more

It’s Legal…For Now

   Federals Judge upholds NSA data collection Click Here for Details

This Year’s Waste

A recap of Federal waste reported on this year Click Here for Story

Why Didn’t This Get Reported in the Media?

  Who attacked California power station? Click Here for Information

Afghanistan Backslide

   Report says any gains made by US in helping Afghanistan will be lost with pullout Click Here for Details

 Amazing T-Rex Illusion!

One of the best optical illusions yet Play Video below

He Was Right Like It or Not

  Cruz defends his actions against Obamacare and the current results prove him right Click Here for Details

Israel Hit by Rockets

Fired from Lebanon Click Here for Story

Obama Regulations Hinder Minorities

  Far from helping the disenfranchised Obama regulations hurt Click Here for Details


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