Monday February 17, 2020 TheDailyDrift.Com


ImagePOTUS does Daytona 500 Click Here for Details

Waiting for Durham

Is Durham investigation expanding? Click Here for Details

Illegal Immigration Can Hurt Everybody

Hispanic grandmother loses granddaughter to illegal immigrant criminal Click Here for Details and Video

Total Hypocrites

Democrats fear rule of law is crumbling under Trump after years of Democrat illegal activity and usurpation Click Here for Details

Biden’s Last Stand?

Can Joe Biden win South Carolina or is his came pain done? Click Here for Story

From the Front Line

Border Patrol wants the wall Click Here for Details

Siding With Americans

Trump and the GOP side with Americans not Illegals Click Here for Story

Is the Covid-19 Virus Engineered?

Report: Coronavirus Could Be A Bioweapon That Only Targets A Certain RaceWhat facts we do know are disturbing Click Here for Details

Democrats Not Living In Same World As the Rest of Us

Dem candidates want you to believe the economy is bad Click Here for Story

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