Monday July 31, 2017

Republicans Show True Selves

Won’t let Obamacare implode Click Here for Story

Climate Scam

An inconvenient commentary: 5 times climate alarmists made horribly wrong predictions5 times the climate scammers were horribly wrong Click Here for Details

Quid Pro Quo

Congress’s Russian Collusion allegations and sanctions gets US diplomats expelled Click Here for Details

This IS Islam

Khuram Butt, 27, taught Koran classes at Eton Community School in Ilford, East London, an independent Islamic school for children aged three to 11 London’s bridge attack terrorist worked as teacher at Islamic school Click Here for Story

Korean Showdown?

US flies bombers over Korean peninnsula after NOKOs missile test Click Here for Details

This IS Sanctuary

Sanctuary city releases illegal and he rapes 65 year old woman Click Here for Story

McCain Proves He’s  Democrat

Lies to his voters, supports Obamacare and stabs GOP in the back Click Here for Details

More Democrat Bluster

Threats from Feinstein over Trump firing biased Mueller Click Here for Story

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