Monday March 2, 2020 TheDailyDrift.Com

Dropping Like Flies?

Buttigieg drops out of Presidential race Click Here for Details

Lyin Biden

Joe Biden’s latest rant is full of lies and hypocirsy Click Here for Story

Michigan’s Former Top Cop Given $639k In ‘Deferred’ Pension Benefits While Still On Payroll

Government solution to officer attrition from early pension eligibility was legalized double-dipping

Head to Head

Biden steps up attacks on Sanders as Super Tuesday approachesNow its Biden and Sanders for Super Tuesday Click Here for Story

Import 3rd World Become 3rd World

H/O: Refugee protests in Lesvos, Greece Tensions escalate in Greece and Turkey as immigrants pour in Click Here for Details


(Photo by MARK RALSTON/AFP via Getty Images) The all look alike? Biden’s latest gaffe confuses MSM anchors Click Here for Story

Real or Phony

Former Afghan Taliban fighters stand next to weapons before handing them over as part of a government peace and reconciliation process at a ceremony in Jalalabad on March 1, 2020. - The United States signed a landmark deal with the Taliban on February 29, laying out a timetable for a … Will Taliban peace deal actually work? Click Here for Details

Rich Folks Want Socialism?

Sanders campaign financed by the wealthiest zip codes in America Click Here for Story


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