Monday March 25, 2013

Washtenaw Economic Forecast

What’s the outlook for the county? Click Here for Details

Should Pensions be Taxed?

Some legislators don’t think so but is it fair not to tax everybody? Click Here for Story

Budget Differences

Balance has a different meaning for different Congress people Click Here for Details

Telling It Like It IS

Wayne Lapierre asks NBC’s David Gregory why won’t they report on Chicago gun crimes and lack of Federal enforcement of existing gun laws Click Here for Video and Story

And Watch Wayne’s comments on Mayor Bloomberg’s latest actions Play video below

Chemical Weapons Have Been Used in Syria?

Congressman Rogers says the red line has been crossed Click Here for Video

Can States Force the Fed to Enforce the Borders?

Some say the Constitution says yes Click Here for Story

Will Egypt Have a New Dictator?

Egyptian President says he may have to take serious action to quell protests Click Here for Details

Amnesty Would Help Terrorists

Already they’er coming across the border with other illegals now should we give ID’s to would be terrorsits as well? Click Here for Story

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