Monday March 25, 2019

NO Collusion

Mueller report says there was NO Russian collusion iwth the Trump Campaign Click Here for Story  Read the Summary to Congress Here

The Destruction of Christian America

The Progressive Left’s agenda is a dark one for the United States Click Here for Details

Michigan Teachers Union Suffers Important Court Defeat

State Court of Appeals says right-to-work law means what it says on compulsory union dues and fees


Even MSNBC and CNN says President has been cleared by Mueller Click Here for Story

Russian Troops in Venezuela

The image showing the arrival of Russian troopsMaduro digs in to hold power by asking Russia for help Click Here for Details

Border Invasion

Rep.Louie Gohmert says the US IS being invaded at the southern border Click Here for Details

Grenade Launchers at Border

Mexican Cartels up their firepower Click Here for Story

Protect The Electoral College…

It protects your voice and your vote Click Here for Details

Interesting Thoughts on Female Equality…

Article shows more women in STEM programs in countries That aren’t more gender equal? Click Here for Story (link contributed by P Vanhuffle)

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