Monday March 27, 2017

Undoing Obama’s Environmental Rules

Trump executive order to undo Obama emissions plan on TuesdayTrump to sign new executive order this week Click Here for Story and Video

The Poynter Institute is a nonprofit that caters to the journalism profession. It is offering certificates in fact-checking to “bloggers, writers, reporters, editors, publishers, teachers and anyone who is interested in fact-checking.” … more

Justice is Served

Ex-terrorist who led Women’s March just received a big fat dose of American justiceEx-Terrorist who organized anti-Trump march is getting deported Click Here for Story

Off Their Rockers

Democrats step up calls that Russian hack was act of warDespite no evidence Democrats keep pushing Russian Trump collusion Click Here for Details

Antifa Facist Thugs Get Beat Down

by Trump supporters AND they get arrested Click Here for Story

Split Up California?

Brexit expert Nigel Farage meets with Californians to help with a split of the state? Click Here for Story

Border Patrol Speaks Up on Rape of 14 Year Old

Never would have happened if the BOrder Patrol could have been allowed to do their job under Obama Click Here for Details

Freedom Caucus OK with Ryancare Failure

Did America a favor by stopping it Click Here for Story and Video

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