Monday March 3, 2014

Ukraine Prepares for War

  Russian invasion sets war preparations in action Click Here for Story

Hitting the Record?

  Ann Arbor inches toward record seasonal snowfall Click Here for Details

What Global Warming?

Coldest/Snowiest Winter in 130 Years for Detroiters  Click Here for Story

Detroit: Possibility of Real Privatization, Savings

Emergency manager’s plan filed in bankruptcy court

By Michael D. LaFaive | Courtesy of Mich Cap Con

The city of Detroit published its plan of adjustment detailing how it intends to solve the city’s financial and other problems. It contains important references to privatization of certain services, though it doesn’t go far enough. A bolder vision might spare city retirees and creditors from as deep of cuts. … more

Them Too?

  Rubio says Russia has a government of liars? Is the US any better? Click Here for Video

Young Boy’s Incredible Act

This story will bring a tear to your eye Click Here for Story

Terrorism Hits China

  Knife wielding Islamist Separatists kill 33 wound over 100 Click Here for Details

Weak US President to Blame for Ukraine?

   Democratic Senator feels Obama’s “red lines”  get crossed? Click Here for Story

Crimea Gets Its Own Fleet

Ukrainian Navy Chief Sides with Russia takes ships with him Click Here for Details

Play video below


Gitmo’s Revolving Door Continues

  Obama releases prisoners who go back to terrorism Click Here for Details

Rogers Says….

  Congressman Mike Rogers says Putin running circles around Obama Click Here for Video



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