Monday May 1, 2017

If you missed the Drift Radio Show Live catch it now on podcast

A New Place for Bannon?

Shake up going on at Heritage Foundation Click Here for Story

Dear House Tax Committee: Pure Michigan Return on Investment Not Validated

  The Michigan Senate has already passed and the House is considering a major expansion of Michigan’s corporate welfare regime.  … more

A company called Suniva Inc. received millions of dollars in federal subsidies, plus some local and state ones, but in March still closed its solar cell manufacturing facility in Saginaw Township after three years. How much did the company rely on federal money? Its first sale in Michigan was to the Washtenaw Food Hub in Ann Arbor. To offset some of the cost of buying the Suniva solar cells, the organization used a $115,829 grant from the U.S. Department of Agriculture. Both ends of the deal were subsidized by the federal government.… more

Roasting the Roasters

Gutfeld bashes the Media’s dinner event Click Here for Story and Video

Climate Change Trashers

 Activists trash every city they protest in Click Here for Details

US Running Out of Bombs?

War on ISIS is using vast numbers of ordinance Click Here for Story

Supporting Our Own Demise

Taxpayers funding anti-American universities Click Here for Details and Video


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