Monday November 18, 2019 TheDailyDrift.Com

Smoke Screen

Democrats rushing for impeachment to offset what is coming from the revelations of  Horowitz and Durham investigations Click Here for Details

Look For The Union Label On Legal Pot Shops?

State marijuana regulators propose unauthorized union privilege as condition of licenure


Dems star witness committed perjury while testifying ? Click Here for Story

NewIranian Revolution

Can the Iranian people overthrow the radical Muslim clerics this time? Click Here for Details

Impeachment Sham

Why Yovanovitch’s answers should end the impeachment nonsense Click Here for Details

Christianity Getting a Celebrity Boost?

kanyeOsteen1Kanye West is taking Christianity mainstream in areas its been bashed for years Click Here for Story

Slimey Democrats

Hearings are showing they hypocrisy and nonsense of past Democrat policies toward Ukraine Click Here for Details

Spreading the Liberal Disease

voting booth California spending big money in Colorado elections Click Here for Details


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