Monday October 7, 2018

FISA Abuse

Testimony of ex FBI is proof? Click Here for Story

Lobbyist Cites Yesteryear’s News To Urge More State Money For Cities

Uses figures from state’s ‘lost decade’; ‘Name a thing Michigan wasn’t worst at’ then

Detroit School District’s Deficit Spending Margin Getting Tighter

Factors preventing overspending in 2017 apply less, and new pressures are tightening

No Follow Up

Christine Ford won’t follow up with allegations to the police Click Here for Story

Dems Think Women Will Support Them?

Will women side with Democrats over Kavanaugh Ford allegations Click Here for Details

Space Junk?

Mystery object washes up on South Carolina beach Click Here for Story

Lunatic Left

Out of touch Hollywood elite think they are winning the culture war Click Here for Details

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