Monday September 24, 2018

Will She?

Christine Ford says she will testify Thursday Click Here for Story

Restrictive Fence Ordinance Makes Unhappy Neighbors

Grosse Pointe Woods bans privacy fences


WATCH: Jake Tapper corners top anti-Kavanaugh Democrat on abuse hypocrisy. Here’s her response.Democrats would throw away presumption of innocence because of policy Click Here for Details

Rosenstein Strengthens GOP Advantage

Rosenstein report gives GOP new ammo against DOJReport is shedding new light on Deep State? Click Here for Story

Burka Ban in Sweden

Swedes approve Burka ban by vote Click Here for Story

87 to 1

87 women who know Brett Kavanaugh step up to defend him against Christine Ford accusation Click Here for Story

A Good Reason to Slow It Down

immigration Mass Immigration is fracturing and tribalizing the USA Click Here for Details

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