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Targeting Churches

Covid rules target church gatherings while ignoring riots, protests and large government funerals Click Here for Details

Chicago Kill Zone

Another violent death weekend in Chicago Click Here for Story

Two Metro Overflow Facilities Cost Taxpayers $21.45 Million, Treated 55 COVID Patients

Coronavirus ‘insurance’ was expensive at start of epidemic learning curve Read more

Clinton Tied Again to Epstein

Will Clintons finally be caught in crime? Click Here for Story

The Political Class

Regular Americans are now second class to politicians Click Here for Story

Governor OK Violating Her Own Rules At Event, But Parents At Hillsdale Graduation Are Lawbreakers

As was the case with protests, state officials appear selective on when rule-breaking is OK

Pay to Stay

$600 additional unemployment is keeping people from going back to work Click Here for Story

Short Sighted Government

Thousands of Germans are realizing the masking mistake? Click Here for Details

Why the UN is Useless

Then-Secretary of State John Kerry addresses the Human Rights Council in Geneva in 2015. In contrast to the Bush and Trump administrations, the Obama administration embraced the HRC. (Photo by Fabrice Coffrini/AFP via Getty Images)

The planet’s worst human rights abusers getting seats at UN human rights Council Click Here for Details

NHL Joining the Rest of Pro Sports?

Matt Dumba NHL kneel (Jeff Vinnick / Getty)

1st NHL hockey player kneels for anthem Click Here for Story

UK Law Enforcement Losing Its Integrity?

Police go politically correct Click Here for Details

Shutdown Not Needed

adm brett giroir speaks

Adm Giroir says avoid crowds and wear mask instead of shutting down economy Click Here for Story

Space X Success

Successful return of Bob and Doug on Space X Dragon capsule Click Here for Details

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