Saturday August 24, 2019 The Daily Drift

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Hiring Liars

Fakenews CNN hires lying and disgraced Andrew McCabe Click Here for Story

Banning Pot Sales?

Ann Arbor suburb looks to stop marijuana sales Click Here for Details

90 Hours A Week, 52 Weeks A Year: Detroit Cop Claims 2,617 Overtime Hours 

Police tell Cap Con it will investigate; six officers claimed 2,000+ overtime hours

The Violent Left

Liberals raise money to defend brutal Antifa attacker Click Here for Story

US Businesses Need to Find Alternative

Smart businesses will look for options other than China Click Here for Details

Amazon Fires

World looks at Brazil’s forest fires Click Here for Story and Video

Big Costs of Illegals

64% of Federal inmates are illegals Click Here for Details

Can the Fed Help in Trade War?

A reduction in interest rates could help in the China Trade war Click Here for Story

Muslim Infiltration

Is the US Army War College being propagandized by Islamic rhetoric? Click Here for Details

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