Saturday December 29, 2018

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While Shutdown Continues Pelosi Plays

Vacations in Hawaii but won’t work on wall deal Click Here for Story

What’s Wrong with A Pull Out in Syria?

One has to ask why the media and DC establishment want to continue fighting in Syria Click Here for Info

Michigan Pays Off Debt from the 80s

 New administration may borrow more

MSNBC Gets a Shocker

Many Latinos still support POTUS despite the media rhetoric Click Here for Story

Shut It Down

POTUS threatens to shut down the southern border if Democrats won’t provide wall funding Click Here for Details and Video

See What You Voted For?

Democrats already spending on staff for more obstruction and useless investigations in 2019 Click Here for Details and Video

Typical Democrat

Stopping Chicago violence just needs more federal spending? Click Here for Details

More Violence for Syria

Will war worsen in Eastern Syria? Click Here for Story



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