Saturday December 30, 2017

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Breaking News:  Look What They Found

CLinton SoS emails found on Anthony Weiner’s laptop Click Here for Story

Liberal Media Bias

You can’t report on anything but bad about Trump or else? Click Here for Details

State Forces Hotels, Inns, To Fund Tourism Bureaus

  The Mackinac Center for Public Policy’s legal arm files lawsuits on behalf of Michigan citizens wronged by some level of government or unions. As an example, the Mackinac Center has represented hotel and motel room providers seeking to defend their free speech rights against government intrusion into their business.  … more

President Hits the Climate Scammers

Dems don’t like being belittled over the failed climate scam Click Here for Details

What Are They Hiding

DOJ and FBI still hiding requested documents and avoiding interviews Click Here for Story

California Nightmare

Percentage of gender confused youth is large and growing Click Here for Story

Iranian Protests

Are things heating up inside Iran? Click Here for Details

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