Saturday December 31, 2016

Happy New Year’s Eve!

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Russian Hacking is Nonsense?

John McAfee shuts down talk of Russia being responsible Click Here for Story and Video

A Parting Gift?

Obama unleashes a record amount of regulations before his departure Click Here for Story and Video

Plastic Bag Bans Get Banned?

State of Michigan bans local legislation on disposable grocery bag bans Click Here for Story

The New York Times’ problematic reporting on Michigan’s charter schools has raised eyebrows among education reformers.… more

Drudge Being Targeted?

Matt Drudge thinks the Feds may be targeting a hack at his website Click Here for Story

Little Or No Consequences for Detroit Land Bank Billing Scam

   Improprieties at the Detroit Land Bank Authority cost state taxpayers over $824,000. Though they have been the subject of an audit and continue to be the focus of a federal criminal investigation, only one employee has experienced any consequences. … more

Putin Takes the High Road?

Putin won’t expel US diplomats from RussiaSays Russia won’t respond to Obama’s expelling of diplomats Click Here for Story

UK Scolds Kerry And US Stance on Israel

Prime Minister Theresa May seems to be siding with Trump on UN resolution against Israel Click Here for Story

Obama Snubs Voters

Presidents final days in office ignores the will of the people Click Here for Story

Be Careful Out There

Europe prepares for threats on New Year’s Eve Click Here for Details and Video

How Many Syrian Refugees This Year?

  Over 15,000 have come to US and very few Christians Click Here for Story

Illegal Red Carpet Treatment

ICE officials give free pass and transportation to illegal immigrants Click Here for Details

Bilderberg Hacked

Threats to members of the Bilderberg group as their website gets hacked Click Here for Story

Did US Plan the Anti-Israel UN Resolution?

Sources saying yes Click Here for Details

Milo Gets Book Deal

Twitter banned Alt-Right Icon gets book deal Click Here for Story

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