Saturday January 19, 2019

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Openly Fake News?

Mueller Team contradicts Buzzfeed report Click Here for Story Reporter says he has no evidence of his own reporting? Click Here for Details

The Left Goes Too Far?

Even Wasserman-Schultz is avoiding Women’s March over anti-Semitism Click Here for Details

Administrators: 98 Percent Of Michigan Teachers Average Or Above

Just 1 out of every 384 Michigan teachers deemed ‘ineffective’ by their school’s administration

Michigan Roads Benefit From Decline In ‘Fix Now Pay Later’

Engler and Granholm used state credit card for road repairs, kicking costs into future

Failure to Educate

More ignorance from today’s students Click Here for Story

Crying Nancy

Speaker whines about overseas excursion being exposed Click Here for Details


Fed shutdown may have to become really serious to get parties to the table Click Here for Story

Muslim Threats

 Newly elected muslim Congresswoman threatens POTUS? Click Here for Story

ADL Ignores Hate Speech

 How does a pro-Jewish group take funding from anti-semites? Click Here for Story

Will Justice Actually Start?

Court orders movement on Hillary emails and Benghazi Click Here for Details




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