Saturday January 30, 2016

Breaking News: Final Straw for Hillary

Hillary Rodham ClintonEmails on her server that are so classified they can’t be released? Click Here for Details  And Here for More Info

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Snyder Heckled in A2?

Governor accosted by Ann Arborites with anger issues at restaurant Click Here for Story

House May Push Back Against Snyder’s Detroit School Plan

The Michigan House should create its own plan to address the Detroit Public Schools financial collapse. That’s what Rep. Tim Kelly, R-Saginaw, chair of the House Appropriations Subcommittee on School Aid, is recommending to his House colleagues. … more

FBI Director Wants Charges Against Clinton and Crew?

Congressman Issa says FBI Director Comey would like charges against Clinton and Abedin Click Here for Story

Will It Take a Whistleblower?

Former State Department special agent Fred Burton discusses Hillary Clinton's emails on "The Glenn Beck Program" Tuesday, Jan. 26. (Image source: TheBlaze TV)No charges against Hillary may result in whistleblowers from FBI Click Here for Details

Fox Hurting in Debate

Fox News, Debate, Donald Trump, RatingsRatings drop substantially for Fox without Trump Click Here for Story

Oregon Protestor Murdered by FBI?

Shot with his hands up? Click Here for Details

Protecting Hillary

 State Department won’t release more emails until after early primary states Click Here for Details

Who Said Trump Will Win if Nominated?

Hillary manager says Trump will be President if He gets nomination Click Here for Story

Half of All Union Members Work for Who?

  The government that’s who Click Here for Details

Sweden Preps for War?

© Claus Fisker  Country is gearing up for possibility Click Here for Story


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