Saturday July 14, 2018

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Indictments Not Related to Trump Campaign

Latest Mueller indictments on Russians Click Here for Story and Video

Utility Basing Electric Capacity Plans On Idea That Carbon Caps Are Coming

 A document that Consumers Energy filed with state regulators last month describing its future electricity generation plans says the company believes there will be some sort of federally mandated “carbon tax or trading program” as early as the mid-2020s.  … more

Opioid Crackdown

Synthetic Opioid Surge: AG Jeff Sessions announces operation to reduce fentanyl overdose deathsAG Sessions announces new efforts against Fentanyl Click Here for Details

Smooth Sailing or Rough Waters

GOP moderates hint at smooth confirmation ahead for KavanaughHow will Kavanaugh confirmation go? Click Here for Story

Pushing for NOKO Breakthrough

South Korean President pushing for a deal Click Here for Details


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