Saturday March 14, 2020 TheDailyDrift.Com

Why Are We Panicking?

 Its the panic we are promoting not the virus that will hurt the US Click Here for Details

US Was Restrained on Iran Retaliation

US went after Iranian proxies Click Here for Details

Michigan Shuts Down Schools

Schools ordered closed until April 6th over virus worries Click Here for Story

Stop The Panic

Listen to those who have had it Click Here for Story

Not Postponing the Olympics

Japan not in to the panic mode Click Here for Details

Headlines From An Earlier Outbreak: 1968 Hong Kong Flu

Pandemic 52 years ago killed 100,000 in US

Wake Up America, You’ve Created a Nation of Fear Mongerers

COVID- 19 isn’t as bad as the swine flu Click Here for Story

Michigan House Bill Package Increases Road Funding Without Raising Taxes

The state’s current budget debate is not about cuts

Virus Scam

Liberals and Globalists using virus fears to bring down the US? Click Here for Details

Coming to Their Senses?

Democrats stop trying to hamstring POTUS on trave bans? Click Here for Details

The Hysteria Is Way Out of Control

COVID-19 patient says stop the madness Click Here for Story


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